Kickstarter Update ALMOST DONEE!!

Hi Everyone!  First off I would like to give a Huge thank you to everyone who has pledged to our Kickstarter campaign.  So many of of our family fans have spread the word and supported us in the past three weeks.  We are so grateful to you all!!

In case you have not heard about the project, below is the promo video.  I won’t explain it here, I’ll let the video and kickstart page explain the rest.

We met our goal in just 4 days.  You can still pledge to any level for the next few days.  The entire campaign ends on Saturday, March 9th at 12:07pm.  As we said in the video, this is our most ambitious project yet involving guest artists, 12-14 tracks and stepped up videography.  Every pledge will help us make this project a huge step forward for this band and make play beautiful album for you to be a part of.

Right now the track list is looking something like this:

Yankee Doodle Dandy, Pop Goes The Weasel, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Ring Around The Rosie, This Little Light Of Mine, Camptown Races, Rockaby Baby, Mob Song (Kill The Beast), Three Blind Mice, Home On The Range and You Are My Sunshine.

Please help spread the word in the last few days of our campaign!!!  Thank you again to every who has helped!!

This week I started rehearsing an arrangement I did of C-Jam Blues (in Bb) for a Middle School Honor Band that I work with.  I wrote my own arrangement because I was frustrated with the quality of beginning jazz charts.  Just because it has to be simpler doesn’t mean it can’t contain great teaching tools.  I included the final two choruses of shout section so that the kids get a taste of the actual Duke arrangement.  I am really looking forward to working with them on the and playing it with em!

Here is a video I have been digging the past week.  Sefan Harris is playing amazingly on ‘Searching’

Also, I’ve added tracks from between the lines to youtube:

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Winter Update

Hey Everyone, the last blog I wrote was right after we released Fight The Team and New York Sessions.  It has been a busy and exciting few months.  I have been busy teaching, writing, and playing lots of music.  The transition from the college daily schedule to a teaching schedule has been challenging (I am really not a morning person).

me jon and evan Strathmore oar I want to fill you all in on everything that has been happening.  In December, O.A.R. premiered 6 arrangements that I helped orchestrate.  It was part of their Heard The World Benefit Concert at Strathmore Hall in Maryland.  This was the first time that I have written for a professional Orchestra.  It was an incredible experience to hear it played live for a sold out crowd.  There were many long nights working on that with Jon Lampley and Evan Oberla.

Here is a clip of it:

Since I’m sharing recent videos, here is a clip of Jon and I playing some Christmas tunes.

We’ve had some very exciting shows in Columbus over the past few months.  Here is a clip of us playing Seven Nation Army:

More recently, we’ve been planning and composing for our next project called ‘play’.  We are going into the studio in March and we are starting a Kick Starter campaign this week.  I am really really really excited about this one.   We have a very focused concept and we are all working together to make this album a work of art.  This makes me super happy, my last CD’s were extremely fulfilling, but I am happy to be able to work with everyone from stage one rather than me doing all the composing alone.  Keep your eyes out and help spread the word about this new project!!

Recent Recommendations: No Beginning No End- Jose James, In A Silent Way-Miles Davis, The Mosaic Project- Terri Lyne Carrington, Thelonious Monk and Johnny Griffin- Live At The Five Spot

This album sounds like a branch off of Voodoo, especially this track.  Jose has a great voice and he leaves plently of space for the musicians to do their thing.  PINO on Bass!!

I can’t believe that I haven’t gotten into this until now, but I’m glad I did.  Tony’s Fill at about 13:10 is superb.  Everyone is waiting for the right moment.  I love the energy and groove.

I just came across this album.  The songs and grooves are really happening.  Very nice song writing and slick, modern arranging.

I’ve been really getting into Johnny Griffin lately.  He goes in on this album.  And they play some of my favorite Monk tunes.

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Fight The Team and New York Sessions Releases!!!

Hello everyone, it has been a little while since my last blog.  This has definitely been the busiest month of my life.  I started teaching at Bishop Watterson High School in Columbus, Ohio.  I just finished playing the musicals Avenue Q and Cabaret, and I released TWO CDs!  But, before I talk about all of that I want to share a video.  Two weeks ago, we had a house show to release Jon Lampley’s project Fight The Team.  At about Midnight, the President of The Ohio State University rolled through to listen.

I am very excited to release two recordings that I have been working on for the past year.  The first is called Fight The Team which is a collaboration between Jon Lampley, Chris Ott, and myself.  The other is New York Sessions– my sextet’s debut album.  The two projects balance each other very well.  New York Sessions contains some very involved compositions by all three of us.  The album ranges from originals to covers of Radiohead, Nick Drake, Neil Young, Dave Matthews, and a song from the disney movie Mulan.  The CD features the sextet along with auxiliary percussion played by Joe Krygier and also a string quartet.

Fight The Team is more minimalist with only three musicians involved.  This was our first concept album.  It is all OSU Fight Songs played in our own way.  Below are a few articles written about the projects


Columbus Dispatch OSU LanternUS WeeklyTallmadge Express


Although the two CDs have vastly different orchestration and are extremely different compositionally, the core of both projects is very much the same: group interplay, and improvisation.  Although we write the majority of out music out, we are all listeners as much as we are players.

Fight The Team
and New York Sessions are both available online both digitally and physically.  Here are a few places that you can pick up Fight The Team in Ohio:

Station 88 in the Ohio Union

Barns and Noble on campus

Ritchie’s Sporting Goods

As I said before, I am teaching part time at three schools this year: St. Andrew School, Immaculate Conception School, and Bishop Watterson High School.  I teach 5th-8th grades at the middle schools and work with the high schoolers in the afternoons.  It has been an amazing opportunity getting to share music with students and then perform all in the same day.  Teaching is a huge responsibility for me and I am working to get better at it each day just like my playing and composing.

The past two months I have been playing the woodwind chairs in two musicals in Columbus.  I have always wanted to do work in a pit orchestra and these gigs have been very fun!

If you dig our music, please help us spread the word and share it with your friends and family.  The videos from New York Sessions have views from all over the world!  We are independently making our music, so we do not have a PR firm or major label getting our music in peoples hands.  Thank you so much for helping us thus far, but keep spreading the word!

I will leave you with the artwork done by John Aymong.

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Fall Update/ 2 New CD Releases!

Hi everyone, it has been a busy end of my summer so far.  In this blog I will try and update you on whats been going on the past month for me musically.  First off, I  am now officially a teacher!  This week I am starting my new job- instrumental music instructor at Bishop Watterson High School in Columbus, Ohio.  In no way does this mean that I will be easing up on my composing, recording or performance schedule.  It is a part time position that has me teaching at two feeder middle schools.  I am very excited to begin sharing music with beginners!

The past four weeks I have been playing Avenue Q at the Riffe Center in downtown Columbus.  I have been playing the woodwind book which includes clarinet, flute, and alto saxophone.  This is my first professional musical gig and it is a lot of fun- the music is good, and it is very funny.  Fortunately I get to sit and play on the side balcony.  I get to see both the stage and the audience.  My favorite part of each show is watching the audience react to the puppet sex scene (there are many positions).

Since I am done with school at Ohio State, I have had a lot more time to start writing music on a regular basis.  We are excited for all the shows that we have coming up, there will be lots of new material!

In the end of September, I am happy to be a part of two CD releases.  OThe first is Jon Lampley’s project called ‘Fight The Team’.  This CD is really unique, it ranges from Dixieland to Dubstep.  The CD features only three musicians- Jon Lampley, Chris Ott, and myself.  Jon sings, and plays trumpet and sousaphone, Chris beatboxes, and I play flute, clarinet, soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones.  The project pays tribute to OSU by featuring fight songs that are presented in a new way- with improvised solos and lots of interplay between musicians.  Please help spread the word.  ‘Fight The Team’ will be released on September 22, 2012.

Dan White Sextet is also releasing its first recording this September.  ‘New York Sessions’ features all 8 tracks from the youtube series.  They have been mixed and mastered bringing out every detail recorded.  If you’ve enjoyed the videos then you will really like hearing the music in very high quality audio.  The CD will also feature a bonus video of the Radiohead cover Little By Little with the newly mastered audio.  ‘New York Sessions’ will be released on September 29th, 2012.

Here is the HQ Bonus video that will be on the CD!

Recent recommendations- Cannonball Addreley Sextet-In New York (LIVE), Cannonball Adderley-Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Fransisco, Allen Stone-Unaware (single), Kimbra-Vows, Prince-Prince, The Bad Plus- Blunt Object Live In Tokyo, Breaking Bad- Directed by Matthew Weiner

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Summer Update!

Hey Everyone, I just want to give you a quick update about what’s going on with DW6.  The past few weeks have been very busy, we had great shows at Comfest, at the Blue Wisp in Cincinnati, and at the Rochester Jazz Festival.  Today, I am writing this as I am about to wake up the rest of the band before we drive seven hours to play two shows in towns we’ve never played before: St. Louis, MO, and Champaign, IL!  We are extremely excited to play in both towns.  Also, we have two shows in Columbus this weekend at the Jazz and Rib Fest on Saturday and at Dick’s Den on Sunday.

In the month of August I will be playing the woodwind book for Avenue Q at the Riffe Center in Columbus, Ohio.  The show runs three weeks with a possible extension.  Unfortunately I will not be performing at the Lewiston Jazz Festival due to schedule conflicts.  Chris Ziemba will be taking my place friday night.

In other news, DW6 is planning to do another full length album and possibly a Kickstarter campaign, Stay Tuned!  Also keep your eyes out for Jon Lampley’s ‘Fight The Team’ Project and ‘New York Sessions’ to be released in august.  I will leave you with Jon and I playing some MJ.

Checkout some of our recent press!

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New York Sessions/ Spring Update

Hey Everyone, the entire series is up and available for viewing/listening on youtube!  I am currently working on the final details of post production before I release the audio on iTunes and Spotify.  Before I get back to talking about New York Sessions, I want to update you on things that have been going on and events coming up for Dw6.

A few weeks ago I, along with Jon Lampley and Evan Oberla played a show at the Wexner Center Performance Space with Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey.  We played a
piece written by Chris Combs called the race riot suite.  It is a piece about the tragic race riots that occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921.  The piece was beautifully written with lots of dramatic and emotionally charged moments.  I was honored to share the stage with JFJO and play such powerful music.  It was a great opportunity to play with a band that has clearly established its sound through years of making music.

Last week we had our last house show of the year and now we are gearing up for several shows in June and July.  Check my gig page for details.  We will be performing in Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron, Buffalo, Rochester, and St. Louis.

Between The Lines is now available for listening on Spotify!

This week we had an article published in the Other Paper about our show on June 2nd.  Thanks to John Petric for the interesting words and comic relief.  The gig was at a brand new venue called The Short North Stage and the room sounded great!  At the show, we played a new one that I wrote called Let Go.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.  This is my first attempt at lyric/ song writing.  Jon Kills it on vocals!

Here’s a slideshow of some recent performances: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the entire New York Sessions series in the order that they will be on the CD.

Recent Movie Recommendations: Limitless-Niel Burger, The Avengers-Joss Whedon

Recent Listening Recommendations: Janek Gwizdala- Live at the 55 Bar, Thelonious Monk Quartet- Misterioso, Elliott Smith- XO, Snarky Puppy- Ground Up, A Tribe Called Quest- Low End Theory

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New York Sessions pt. 4

Hi! So we’ve come to the last two videos from our New York Sessions project. Once again, I would like to thank everyone for sharing our music, but please continue to to spread the word if you can! These next two videos are of two originals that I wrote. We begin with a tune that starts a lot of DW6 shows: Hot Sauce Williams. I named this song after a restaurant that I ate at in east Cleveland with Jon Lampley. It’s a fast food style restaurant that specializes in fried chicken and their famous hot sauce. It was one of those guiltily delicious meals. I had oil/ hot sauce on my hand for the rest of the day. Needless to say, it was quite the experience, and I will definitely eat there again next time I’m in east Cleveland. The spirit of the restaurant is definitely in this tune. It features all three horn players in an extended blues solo.

Next is another original that I wrote about another experience with Mr. Lampley and Mr. Ott. Lumps came about during an audition that Jon, Chris, and I were taking in Chicago. We were all waiting to be to play and they were calling out the names. Jon was the next to be called and the receptionist misread Jon’s last name “Next is mister Jonathan Lumpley!” Without a moment going by I shouted out “We call him Lumps!” And Jon went in to do his thing. Since we always call him lamps, lumps was the perfect name for his slow jam feature.

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New York Sessions pt. 3

Hey everyone!  Thank you again for all the support, please keep spreading the word about the videos and our music!  Before I talk about these next two videos, I want to fill you in on a few things that are going on with this band.  This Sunday 4/15 night at 6pm ET we will be streaming Jon Lampley’s Recital live.  You can watch it here.  The personnel is: Dan White-Saxophone/Clarinet, Jon Lampley- Trumpet/Sousaphone/Vocals, Chris Ott- Trombone, Theron Brown- Keyborads, Josh Hill- Guitar, Adam DeAscentis-Bass, and John Suntken- Drums.  TUNE IN!  It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Last week I did an interview with CW Columbus about our band and our last few projects.  Jon and I performed Stevie Wonder/ Michael Jackson’s tune ‘I Can’t Help It’ live in the studio. Check it out!  This spring Jon and I will be recording a sousaphone/ sax duo project ‘Fight The Team’.  In other news, DW6 is preparing our summer show schedule, we will be branching out of Ohio so stay tuned–we should have several new dates nailed down by the end of the month.

The first video this week is an arrangement I did of a Nick Drake song called ‘Place To Be’.  It is originally off of the 1971 recording Pink Moon.  I got into Nick By mistake, a good friend left this CD in my car and I never got into it initially.  About four years later I played it during a long drive (i stumbled upon it under a seat after playing every unscratched CD in my car).  It totally hit me in a different way and I listened to the CD at least ten times in a row (it’s only 28 minutes long).  After that car ride, I started to get into more of his music and started getting into Brad Mehldau’s arrangements of his songs.  I originally arranged this a year ago for my senior recital.  For that I played it on soprano sax.  I decided to include it in this recording session since it’s such a simple tune and I wanted to hear it with a real rhodes.  It ended up going really well.  This was only our second take.  It was a nice contrast to the other complex arrangements and originals from the session.  After we finished recording it the guys in the studio were saying it would sound really nice with strings underneath it.  After we got back to Columbus I wrote parts for string quartet and recorded it and filmed it at OSU.  The arrangement follows the lyrics closely, I changed the time signature and added my own chord changes.  Also I edited this video, I want the listener to be able to see each musician playing (you’ll see what I mean).

The next video is an original of mine called ‘Hip Mr Henderson’.  First I must credit Chris Ott for inspiring the concept of this tune.  About two years ago he wrote a tune called Hip Mr. Hampton based on a Slide Hampton line (that he played during a solo).  I wrote my own version based on a Joe Henderson line that he played during an outro vamp from ‘Rain Check’ off of the 1992 recording Lush Life: The Music Of Billy Strayhorn.  It was the starting point for the tune, but then the line kind of took a backseat as the rest of the composition developed.  I ended up using the harmonic movement from the bridge of Inner Urge more prominently in the piece.  My favorite thing about both of these recordings is the interplay and groove during solo sections within the rhythm section.  Both of these recordings capture the bands ability to listen and groove on wide open improvised sections.  ENJOY!

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New York Sessions pt. 2

First off I want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you to everyone who shared, posted, and tweeted about our videos last week!  We reached over a thousand views in the first 24 hours!  Please keep sharing these, your support is greatly appreciated!

This week we are excited to share an original and another arrangement.  The first video is of Jon Lampley’s tune ‘Sweatin’.  We’ve always wanted to have Jon play Sousaphone with us (he dotted the i this year at three OSU games!).  The only problem is that he didn’t have one.  About a year ago he was able to find one and buy it.  Then the problem became finding how to transport/ store it.  The sousaphone struggle continues- Jon having to sit down when the ceiling is too high, having to take a car everywhere, when it’s in the car it takes up the whole trunk, finding a place where no one will step on it on a gig (especially if it’s at a bar)- but now that we’ve been playing with it for a year, it has become an irreplaceable part of this bands sound.

The next video is an arrangement of ‘Man Out Of You’ from the disney classic Mulan.  Chris Ott and I were in the Disneyland All American Band this past summer.  It was an amazing experience to play with musicians from all over the  US (and canada).  A lot of the music we played was from older disney movies- nothing newer than Lion King.  Chris had the idea to arrange/ derange this tune as sung by Donny Osmond.  In the video, we don’t just play the melody then present solos, instead it has multiple sections that reflect the movies plot, on top of that, it uses melodic themes from Mulan.  LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS…

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New York Sessions Pt. 1

Hey Everyone!  Incase you haven’t been following my blog, here is a quick update about my youtube series New York Sessions.  This past December, the Sextet (Chris Ott, Jon Lampley, Chris Ziemba, Adam DeAscentis, and John Hubbell) recorded 8 tracks at Supr Dupr Sound Studios in DUMBO Brooklyn.  Not only did we professionally record this batch of tunes live, but we had three cameras rolling during the two days of recording.  The purpose of this series is simply to share our music with the world, this is where you come in- If you enjoy our music PLEASE tweet about it or embed the video on Facebook so that we can share our music with as many people as possible!

Each week we will be releasing two videos, so stay tuned!

We will start with Little By Little by Radiohead and a mashup of Heart of Gold by Neil Young and Two Step By Dave Matthews.  Enjoy!  Play it loud!

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