Spring/Between the Lines Update

I am currently in the process of mixing last 4 tracks out of the 10 with Mark Rubinstein at Ohio State’s recording studio.  I am very pleased with how the record is turning out.  Unfortunately the mixing and licensing process is very time consuming, but I promise it will be worth the wait.  The release will be in mid August and we are planning to have release shows in Los Angeles, Buffalo, Rochester, New York, Cleveland, and Columbus.  The compositions and the playing on the record have won a few awards this year- 2011 JEN Conference Young Jazz Composers Showcase (small group Fire Blossom), and a 2011 Downbeat Student Music Award for outstanding soloist.

The project is a combination of both the Rochester Jazz Star Recording session (december ’10) and a grant from OSU (which funded the september ’10 recording session).  The upcoming release is starting to gain attention from some people on campus.  The Journal of Undergraduate Research decided to make a feature article about my creative research the cover story.  They asked me where I wanted to take the photo for the front cover and I wanted to make it somewhere that represented OSU: The Horseshoe.  The resulting cover came out pretty epically with the stadium in the background…haha

Photo by Shane Peterson

This summer I will be playing with the 2011 Disneyland All-American College Band in L.A  from June until mid August.

I’ll leave you with a live recording from our 2nd night at Miles Cafe in december.

Jon Lampley-Trumpet, Angelo DiLoretto-Piano, Cameron Kayne-Bass, and Jon Hubbell-Drums

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About danwhitemusic

Dan White is and artist whose music has two distinct, yet interwoven concepts: This logic is clearly displayed in Between The Lines (March 2011). White has a deep respect for acoustic Jazz, but he is also is driven to explore uncharted territory: Playing music that cannot be defined or pigeonholed. Both sides of his music create a synergy effect: the tradition of America's classical music helps build the foundation from which he explores and experiments, while the experimentation gives way to more individuality. Music has played a large part in Dan's life since he was young. The saxophonist comes from a musical family: his grandfather a jazz bassist and music teacher, his uncle a music teacher, and four of his cousins are currently studying music. He grew up just north of Buffalo, New York, where he started playing piano at age eight, and saxophone at age nine. A few years later he got his first real taste of improvisation and composition. After hearing Joshua Redman in concert with his father, White was instantly hooked on the link between composition and improvisation. White states, "My music is an extension of my personality. I am influenced by many, and my goal is to merge these influences into refreshing and creative music that acknowledges the tradition that came before and progresses the art form."
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