Disney Recap/ Videos

A lot has been going on since the CD release (which is why it has been over a month since my last blog Sorry!).  As I am writing this, I am preparing music for a few gigs and a recording session in New York City in December.  I’ve been composing and arranging a lots lately for OSU’s big band and for my own groups, and getting much more comfortable working in a recording studio (I had two recording sessions just last week).

This tuesday, Allen Wolfe’s movie In My Sleep is released on DVD.  My composition Sandbox is used in the special features of the DVD.  I met Allen while I was living in L.A and working at Disneyland.  You can purchase it on Amazon or iTunes and you can find more info about it here.  Here’s the trailer CHECK IT OUT!  (Steve Brule reference..anyone?)

In other news, the Columbus Dispatch did a feature article about Between The Lines last month. You can read it here.  It also features the first professional photo of me with my soprano sax…pushing boundaries, I know, I know…

The rest of this blog I want to dedicate to videos that capture a very small aspect of how incredible this past summer was for me at Disneyland.  It seems surreal to think that just three months ago I was living in Annaheim and performing five sets of music, five days a week at the happiest place on earth.  I feel blessed to have been able to play for three months in the most talented and diverse band that I have ever experienced.  As I look back on the whole experience, I miss hearing peoples’ different stories and life experiences, and sharing music together constantly, and spending time hanging out.  It truly was a once in a lifetime gig.  It was also great to experience the unbelievable organization that is the Disney Corporation.  Dr. Ron McCurdy does an excellent job directing the band – Keeping THE MUSIC the focus but always being fun to be around and hang with.

Here is a video of one of my favorite pieces that we played in the sit down set.  It is the West Side Story Suite as performed by Buddy Rich.

This next video is of our last set at Disney.  We finished every day with this arrangement and not once did I get tired of it.  Also the majority of the ‘street music’ that we played was pretty awesome- Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie, Aretha Franklin, Tower of Power.  Despite the Uniforms (M.C. Hammer meets Captain America meets a male cheerleader).  I friggen loved dancing.  All in the hips!

Finally, in the spirit of Disney, here is Chris Ott’s arrangement of the old chestnut Kill The Beast.  We played it at our CD Release show this past september.  We will be playing there (Miles’ Cafe NYC) again on December 16th and 17th TELL YO FRIENDS!


About danwhitemusic

Dan White is and artist whose music has two distinct, yet interwoven concepts: This logic is clearly displayed in Between The Lines (March 2011). White has a deep respect for acoustic Jazz, but he is also is driven to explore uncharted territory: Playing music that cannot be defined or pigeonholed. Both sides of his music create a synergy effect: the tradition of America's classical music helps build the foundation from which he explores and experiments, while the experimentation gives way to more individuality. Music has played a large part in Dan's life since he was young. The saxophonist comes from a musical family: his grandfather a jazz bassist and music teacher, his uncle a music teacher, and four of his cousins are currently studying music. He grew up just north of Buffalo, New York, where he started playing piano at age eight, and saxophone at age nine. A few years later he got his first real taste of improvisation and composition. After hearing Joshua Redman in concert with his father, White was instantly hooked on the link between composition and improvisation. White states, "My music is an extension of my personality. I am influenced by many, and my goal is to merge these influences into refreshing and creative music that acknowledges the tradition that came before and progresses the art form."
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