New York Sessions pt. 2

First off I want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you to everyone who shared, posted, and tweeted about our videos last week!  We reached over a thousand views in the first 24 hours!  Please keep sharing these, your support is greatly appreciated!

This week we are excited to share an original and another arrangement.  The first video is of Jon Lampley’s tune ‘Sweatin’.  We’ve always wanted to have Jon play Sousaphone with us (he dotted the i this year at three OSU games!).  The only problem is that he didn’t have one.  About a year ago he was able to find one and buy it.  Then the problem became finding how to transport/ store it.  The sousaphone struggle continues- Jon having to sit down when the ceiling is too high, having to take a car everywhere, when it’s in the car it takes up the whole trunk, finding a place where no one will step on it on a gig (especially if it’s at a bar)- but now that we’ve been playing with it for a year, it has become an irreplaceable part of this bands sound.

The next video is an arrangement of ‘Man Out Of You’ from the disney classic Mulan.  Chris Ott and I were in the Disneyland All American Band this past summer.  It was an amazing experience to play with musicians from all over the  US (and canada).  A lot of the music we played was from older disney movies- nothing newer than Lion King.  Chris had the idea to arrange/ derange this tune as sung by Donny Osmond.  In the video, we don’t just play the melody then present solos, instead it has multiple sections that reflect the movies plot, on top of that, it uses melodic themes from Mulan.  LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS…


About danwhitemusic

Dan White is and artist whose music has two distinct, yet interwoven concepts: This logic is clearly displayed in Between The Lines (March 2011). White has a deep respect for acoustic Jazz, but he is also is driven to explore uncharted territory: Playing music that cannot be defined or pigeonholed. Both sides of his music create a synergy effect: the tradition of America's classical music helps build the foundation from which he explores and experiments, while the experimentation gives way to more individuality. Music has played a large part in Dan's life since he was young. The saxophonist comes from a musical family: his grandfather a jazz bassist and music teacher, his uncle a music teacher, and four of his cousins are currently studying music. He grew up just north of Buffalo, New York, where he started playing piano at age eight, and saxophone at age nine. A few years later he got his first real taste of improvisation and composition. After hearing Joshua Redman in concert with his father, White was instantly hooked on the link between composition and improvisation. White states, "My music is an extension of my personality. I am influenced by many, and my goal is to merge these influences into refreshing and creative music that acknowledges the tradition that came before and progresses the art form."
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