Fall Update/ 2 New CD Releases!

Hi everyone, it has been a busy end of my summer so far.  In this blog I will try and update you on whats been going on the past month for me musically.  First off, I  am now officially a teacher!  This week I am starting my new job- instrumental music instructor at Bishop Watterson High School in Columbus, Ohio.  In no way does this mean that I will be easing up on my composing, recording or performance schedule.  It is a part time position that has me teaching at two feeder middle schools.  I am very excited to begin sharing music with beginners!

The past four weeks I have been playing Avenue Q at the Riffe Center in downtown Columbus.  I have been playing the woodwind book which includes clarinet, flute, and alto saxophone.  This is my first professional musical gig and it is a lot of fun- the music is good, and it is very funny.  Fortunately I get to sit and play on the side balcony.  I get to see both the stage and the audience.  My favorite part of each show is watching the audience react to the puppet sex scene (there are many positions).

Since I am done with school at Ohio State, I have had a lot more time to start writing music on a regular basis.  We are excited for all the shows that we have coming up, there will be lots of new material!

In the end of September, I am happy to be a part of two CD releases.  OThe first is Jon Lampley’s project called ‘Fight The Team’.  This CD is really unique, it ranges from Dixieland to Dubstep.  The CD features only three musicians- Jon Lampley, Chris Ott, and myself.  Jon sings, and plays trumpet and sousaphone, Chris beatboxes, and I play flute, clarinet, soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones.  The project pays tribute to OSU by featuring fight songs that are presented in a new way- with improvised solos and lots of interplay between musicians.  Please help spread the word.  ‘Fight The Team’ will be released on September 22, 2012.

Dan White Sextet is also releasing its first recording this September.  ‘New York Sessions’ features all 8 tracks from the youtube series.  They have been mixed and mastered bringing out every detail recorded.  If you’ve enjoyed the videos then you will really like hearing the music in very high quality audio.  The CD will also feature a bonus video of the Radiohead cover Little By Little with the newly mastered audio.  ‘New York Sessions’ will be released on September 29th, 2012.

Here is the HQ Bonus video that will be on the CD!

Recent recommendations- Cannonball Addreley Sextet-In New York (LIVE), Cannonball Adderley-Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Fransisco, Allen Stone-Unaware (single), Kimbra-Vows, Prince-Prince, The Bad Plus- Blunt Object Live In Tokyo, Breaking Bad- Directed by Matthew Weiner


About danwhitemusic

Dan White is and artist whose music has two distinct, yet interwoven concepts: This logic is clearly displayed in Between The Lines (March 2011). White has a deep respect for acoustic Jazz, but he is also is driven to explore uncharted territory: Playing music that cannot be defined or pigeonholed. Both sides of his music create a synergy effect: the tradition of America's classical music helps build the foundation from which he explores and experiments, while the experimentation gives way to more individuality. Music has played a large part in Dan's life since he was young. The saxophonist comes from a musical family: his grandfather a jazz bassist and music teacher, his uncle a music teacher, and four of his cousins are currently studying music. He grew up just north of Buffalo, New York, where he started playing piano at age eight, and saxophone at age nine. A few years later he got his first real taste of improvisation and composition. After hearing Joshua Redman in concert with his father, White was instantly hooked on the link between composition and improvisation. White states, "My music is an extension of my personality. I am influenced by many, and my goal is to merge these influences into refreshing and creative music that acknowledges the tradition that came before and progresses the art form."
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